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Yorkies born May 20th

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Happy, Healthy Puppies

Our small breed puppies are kept until they are 9-10 weeks old and eating hard kibble! We recommend a puppy check with your vet 48 hrs. after purchase... We take pride in the fact that our relationship with you does not end when take home a puppy from us. As a conscientious breeder, experienced puppy counselors, and die-hard puppy lovers, we'd like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies. However, certain things are never in our control.. A puppy's health is dependent on a lot of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment and overall care. If something does go wrong, we always strive to help,  We wholeheartedly want you to reach out to us....no question is a stupid one and if possible call us before you take your brand new puppy to the vet we might be able to save you a costly trip, NO I am not a vet but I know my puppy I have experience with puppies I have seen a lot! If I tell you to give your puppy NUTRICAL twice a day for a few weeks then you had better do it because your new tiny puppies life depends on it! It is important to follow all of my instructions. It is not just a dog it is a newborn fur-baby.


Puppy Kit

We strive to raise healthy well adjusted puppies from our heart to yours! Upon picking up your fur-ever friend he or she is bathed, brushed, blow dried, sanitary clip, hair plucked from ears, toenails clipped, trim around eyes and feet, looking buffed, poofed and fur-licious.  I provide a sample of Iams small breed puppy hard kibble, can of puppy pedigree canned food, treats, stuffed toy that smells like home,  health warranty with vaccination record, wormings, weight and instructions for the to the first few days of adjustment, purchase agreement and 1 yr. health warranty. 

Male vs Female

 Females – make wonderful pets  if raised properly.  As long as you don’t let them become an alpha female, which means, THE BOSS, they are great. Some tend to be moody just like us women, and at times, are overly protective of their owner or obsessed with their territory.  Training and discipline are very important not to over spoil her as a puppy.  It is also important to note that if you do not spay your female, you will have a very moody dog that may not be the sweet, lovable, great temperament that you first saw when she was a puppy.  Getting your female spayed is a must! Other Considerations – Do you have many people in your household?  Or other pets where the female must fight for the pack order or their alpha position? Do you have a lot of commotion or very busy household?  Are your children young?  Are many kids in and out of your home? While females can become adaptable, females tend to do better in a calmer, less busy environment with older children in the home.   If your family is just you and your spouse, a female may be a nice choice.

 Males –  make wonderful pets, maybe even more mild tempered and easy going than girls.   Males have a bad reputation over the years for marking their territory and hiking their legs and peeing in the house to claim their territory. This is from owners failing to neuter them before 6 months of age.  If you have him neutered early enough, he will almost always squat to pee and will not go into puberty and become the stud man.  When males become mature, they will change from your adorable sweet lap baby to a “horndog” lol.  They will become a stud monster as we call them.   They will hump pillows and even your leg or hand and mark and pee on sides of furniture and totally change personalities.  They will also try to run away if they smell a female in heat even a half a mile away!  To avoid this, please have them neutered as recommended by your vet and you will still have the adorable little boy dog.  Males are typically more affectionate than female. They tend to crave attention from their owners more than females and as a result, display more affectionate behaviors.  Males tend to be more focused on their human companions. They want to always be close to the human and are very eager to please. 



Be careful with your newborn puppy

 Do NOT take your new puppy to a pet store, doggy park, to visit your work or neighbors with other "dogs" or any other public places until your vet tells you it's safe. This is usually at least 2 weeks after the last puppy vaccination.  It can be deadly to do otherwise. As they can catch diseases from other un vaccinated dogs!

I cannot stress this enough

 Treat your new puppy as you would a newborn baby. I recommend that you try to make the first few days together with your puppy as calm as possible. Remember, this is a very traumatic time for your puppy. Puppy may be nervous as he/she is is no longer experiencing familiar sounds and smells but this will pass shortly. Nervousness or change in diet may cause diarrhea. A puppy will play until it drops. It may play so much that it is too tired to eat. Especially be aware of the amount of time children play with your puppy. Beware of any changes in your puppy’s stool. Stress can trigger Coccidia. I preventatively treated your puppy for coccidia. 

Feeding your new puppy

 I strongly recommend that you continue feeding only Iams Small Breed Puppy formula.  Please do not feed your puppy people food as it can make them sick, give them diarrhea and make them a picky eater. Some, but not all, puppies may need to be supplemented with a premium canned puppy food and Nutri-Cal for the first few weeks. Be sure puppy eats every 6 hours. Food should be available at all times for approximately 2 weeks after receiving your pup. You can then start routine feeding times, 3 times per day.  The amount you feed per day depends on the weight of your pup.  There is a suggested serving on the Iams bag.  Just divide that amount into 3 (for 3 times a day feedings)  By 6 months feed twice daily.  .

Low blood sugar

 Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a health problem that affects many toy breeds of puppies between 5 and 16 weeks of age, especially, but not always, extremely tiny dogs. Hypoglycemia is recognized by a healthy puppy suddenly becoming weak, listless, depressed, unaware of its surroundings, and even unable to stand or walk. Advanced stages include seizures before lapsing into a coma, which is sometimes followed by death. If your puppy becomes hypoglycemic, it is very important that you react IMMEDIATELY!!! Give the puppy Nutri-Cal or Karo syrup. Administer the syrup with an eyedropper or if the puppy is too weak to take it, put it on your finger and rub it on the roof of its mouth. ITS' LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!! Nutri-Cal is a fast acting, high calorie supplement and may be given off of your finger. Keep the puppy warm at all times and rub the puppy very easy, moving the head from side to side slowly rotating it, also move the arms and legs so the puppy will not get stiff. It may be necessary to give the puppy a couple of doses. If the puppy does not respond, GET IT TO A VET IMMEDIATELY! Hypoglycemia can occur without warning if a puppy is placed in a new home, misses a meal or is otherwise stressed. You must remember that puppies eat very small amounts, yet they exert large amounts of energy. Your puppy should eat 3-4 times a day. Remember if there is a problem with hypoglycemia, it will usually happen during the first few weeks while the puppy is adjusting. The puppy will outgrow this as it becomes adjusted.

First 48 hours

 We recommend that you not leave your puppy alone for the first 48 hours so that you can monitor his food and water intake. This will combat any dehydration or hypoglycemia. After the first 24 hours, continue monitoring food and water intake. Do not allow pup full run of house as he can lose sense of where food and water is. 

 Do not let your puppy jump off couches, chairs, beds or any other high places. This could cause broken bones or injure their legs, ankles or kneecaps.  

NEVER leave your puppy or dog in your car for any amount of time, even if the window is cracked.  If you wouldn't leave your child there, do not leave your dog either 


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Our puppies are adopted rather quickly, sometimes the same day the litter is born. To reserve your fur-ever friend call Roxanne now. 

We take major credit cards, paypal, venmo or cash.  A $100.00 deposit will hold a puppy until 8-10 wks. of age and the balance is due when puppy is picked up.

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About Us


How it all began

It was the year 1999 I had just lost my beloved 14 yr. old Brooke she was a white maltipoo.  We went to look at a cocker spaniel puppy and ended up coming home with 2 poodle puppies "Lambchop" & "Lucy" instead! And all the rest is rust and stardust!


We lived in IA in a victorian style two story home and Poodle Palace was just a small bldg. my husband built onto the garage at the time. I raised poodles, yorkies and cocker spaniel puppies and had a full time grooming shop as well where I serviced other people's dogs. Then forward to a few years down the road and my husband was transferred to KS in 2004.  We were packed up into a semi and transported all the dogs and puppies in a friends race car trailer with portable heat because it was in December. For a few months I was using my husbands shop for my puppy boutique, We had to erect Poodle Palace a brand new bldg. excercise and play yard.  It has been quite a journey but we love living in the country on 25 acres! 


I decided to add designer breeds to my menagerie. Customers love the mix of the two purebred dogs which make an adorable, healthy, fluffy puppy that is non shedding and under 10 lbs. The best of both worlds.